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Deze site is altijd onder constructie ;^) / This site in constantly under construction ;^)
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Proud to be a pastafarian

pine64 Pinebook Pro Manjaro
I now have a dedicated linux laptop, the Pine64 Pinebook Pro (after the initial Deian Mate from mrFixit, I now use the current factory OS Manjaro ARM. ow also have the USB-C dock and charge, which works perfect (in teh past). Conected to and external display, as is my windows laptop, and both to a USB (KVM) switch for keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately the minline manjaro kernel SUCKS since it stilld oens't contain the USB dock hdmi out :( so the dock is OK the kernel not (yet?).
manjaro logo

Now 4.4., and (stil) waiting for new SDK with up to date Qt. While Qt is on 6.0 (dec '20) Sailfish is still on 5.6 which is not even an LTS. They should have been on at least 5.9LTS (ends May '20), but actually on 5.15 (or 5.12 ends Dec '21) now. If you look at the sorry state of the SDK and proprietary GUI components, it will probably never be an big active OSS cummunity. It wil soon be surpased by UBPorts, PHOSH & Plasma Mobile, all available on PinePhone and Phosh Purism Librem 5.

(Finally) my PinePhone Convergence Package with Manjaro (Phose) arived. I'll be trying plasma mobile as soon I have more time; or the 13 in one OS SD. And am happy to see the new batch is KDE (neon) Plasma Mobile.

My privious distraction is the RG351P linux based Retrogaming linux (RK3326) handheld, with Wifi dongle for over the air updates. This is great for playing OLD games (C64, Doom, TombRaider, ...). Now hoping the Kodi app will be fixed soon, and I can also use it as mp3 player on the go, and wireless mediaplayer to my NAS content.
A remark about the Wifi dongle, the provided USB-C to USB-A plug was making the dongle not function, but my Samsung S9 USB-C- USB-A plug just works (altough the handheld still makes noise during transfers.
Anbernic RG351P
See RetrogameCorps RG351P page.

Since oct 2022 direct delivery (without waiting list) my SteamDeck (linux) arived (with dock). So it is a gaming handheld and linux PC in one. Way faster than pinebook & rg351P. Still learning how to configure retrogaming. Kodi is OK (after fixing 5GHz wifi connetion stability). The new Nexdock wireless will be a good IO for the desktop experience on holiday.


Onze honden:
Suus (sinds mei 2021), en Robbie (sinds mei 2012).
Bajka (sinds dec 2010 - jan 2022), en Balou (maart 2007 - maart 2012) en Kaija (mei 2008-dec 2010), onze vormalige honden.
Herinnerings fotoboek Balou.
Herinnerings fotoboek Kaija.

mijn intresses

De Bushcraft pagina
Mijn boeken pagina.
Mijn Transition Towns, Permaculture & Earthship pagina.
Permacultuur : de PDC cursus die ik in 2012 gevolgd heb.
Onze 3Dog camping vouwwagen is, nog steed, erg fijn!
Paul's Bootjes pagina

Opensource Software:

Home Cloud :)

IVN Son Jeugd afsluit activiteit naar de stoerderij (2014-07-06)
IVN Son Jeugd vetballen maken (2014-01-19)
2013 IVN Jeugd & Jongeren afsluit activiteit uitleg dieren opzetten, lunch & bezoek falconcrest


Ons huis:
Nu ook 3D in Google Earth kmz file (Helaas niet meer op de correcte plaats ivm veranderingen van de GoogleEarth kaart).
huis en Volvo XC70, click for big, 2017
2016, oude voorraam, Discovery SeriesII
huis straat kant, image is 1200x800

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